The start of the major changes is adding this blog! This will be the first port of call for checking for any updates and new photo's. It also will allow commenting on the posts so you can give your opinions on the photos I do.

02/24/2010 17:30

Hi Damian...I think your website is looking great now ( I'll put link to it on it's own page on all my websites, and put it on my Nabble Forums on all my sites:
( My latest site is: )
I think you could go a long way as a Photograper. I'm meeting GILES PENFOUND of Giles Penfound Photograpy in Brighton on the 27th March, with Dame Vera Lynn DBE, so I'll give him your details, and your website URL, and he can have a look and give you some feedback .
( He is the official Photograper of The Royal Princes, and is ex-Army himself.
Love your photo's Kid.
Look on Giles's site:
Love you all
Dad ( Best to Rhian & our Brooke )


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