If you want to skip the blurb click this link for my new site http://damiantmc.tumblr.com if not, First off apologies to everyone that has visited the site recently that there hasn't been any updates, I have switched to using tumblr as its much easier to manage while i'm on the move. This was meant to be in addition to this website so I could update quickly and then transfer across to the this website. It didn't quite work out that way and I apologise, but the great news is there is a wealth of new content to explore on my tumblr site :-D the link is http://damiantmc.tumblr.com Enjoy! (If you want to drop me a comment about anything feel free, its: dtmcphotos@gmail.com

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    I'm Damian and I'm a photographer in my spare time and this page will keep you updated with all my new photos.


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