It's like waiting for a bus, wait ages for one and three come along at once. Anyway there should be plenty more to come over the next few months so keep checking back for more but in the mean time let me know what you think of the new photo's below (also updated on the New photo's page) by commenting here or using the contact me form. Thanks for looking. Damian
Hi, I realize that its been quite a while since the page has been updated, thanks for coming back (or welcome if its your first visit) things have been a bit hectic recently and I now have a beautiful baby daughter called Brooke! The sites become a bit neglected but rest assured its not forgotten. I've updated the feedback form so all comments come direct to my blackberry and i'm going to give the site a complete overhaul and update soon (by the end of Jan hopefully) so keep checking back soon for the new design, features and pictures :) Damian 
The start of the major changes is adding this blog! This will be the first port of call for checking for any updates and new photo's. It also will allow commenting on the posts so you can give your opinions on the photos I do.

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    I'm Damian and I'm a photographer in my spare time and this page will keep you updated with all my new photos.


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